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Beginning a new venture or remodelling an existing commercial kitchen could be thrilling but daunting. Likewise, managing a kitchen remodel is a challenging task. Every bar, restaurant, or cafe proprietor knows it is your Kitchen that acts as the primary factor determining your enterprise's performance. .

The Kitchen remodels allow you to review your business requirements and the appliances, kitchen equipment, and other items you need to purchase.

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What Is Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Commercial Kitchen equipment in restaurants is a crucial element in the efficient operation of the establishment. It affects the quality of food served and the services you provide to your patrons. Kitchen equipment that is appropriately designed allows your employees to cook fast food, which, in turn, impacts the speed of service.

Nowadays, hosting parties at restaurants and hotels is famous for reasons that are not just all of them. The main reasons include ease of use, flexibility, and cost efficiency. These are, of course, most notably the essential food serving equipment and types of equipment. This has necessitated the need for top Kitchen and canteen equipment to facilitate cooking faster and easier.

Raunak Kitchen Equipment is pleased to announce ourselves as a top manufacturer and supplier of high-end commercial kitchen equipment in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Role of Commercial Kitchen

Have you ever thought about the role of a commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are handy for lengthy procedures. It will give you a clear vision of the equipment.

Good food makes a good day, Right? Commercial kitchens play an essential role in food making. This kitchen set-up is very minimalistic in the way we see it. Commercial kitchens are different from the typical kitchens that are present in all homes. Hospitals, restaurants, and hotels all make use of these kitchens. Both a cafeteria and a canteen are available. Large kitchen appliances are used in commercial cuisine to prepare larger quantities of food. Commercial Kitchen equipment is also different from the standard kitchen equipment that we are using.

We produce innovative commercial kitchen equipment for large and small hotels, restaurants, and other facilities. In today's homes, storage is a crucial element. So we also build storage racks, which are used to keep food and other things organized. It makes the job simpler by keeping the food wholesome and safe. We are one of the most reputable Commercial kitchen manufacturers in India.

A Well-Designed Commercial Kitchen

To ensure that you won't need to worry about every kitchen appliance, we used the newest trends when designing Commercial Cooking Kitchens. The floor plan is kept to a minimum. We also maintain the necessary safety measures. A well-designed commercial kitchen is handy for your daily cooking activities.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. All our products are made according to the customer's preferences. Raunak Kitchen gives you a proper design for your well-organized Kitchen.

Different Kinds Of Burners

Several types of burners are often used in commercial kitchens.

  1. Open Burners:
  2. Often found on gas ranges, the burners have an open flame. They have many applications and can be used for cooking at various temperatures.

  3. Charbroiler Burners:
  4. Gas flames can heat a grate included with the burners. Seafood, pork, and other veggies are grilled on it. They leave noticeable char scars on culinary products.

  5. French Top Burners:
  6. They have an even surface with a raised circular area in the centre that surrounds them. It is best to saute and boil food in the elevated area because it is hotter than the surrounding surface.

  7. Induction Burners:
  8. These burners use electromagnetic radiation to heat the cookware directly. They are safer and more energy-efficient than other burners since they don't produce an open flame.

The choice of the burner will rely on the particular cooking requirements of the Kitchen. Therefore, every form of burner comes with its specific advantages and characteristics.

304 Rating Stainless Steel And Rust Resistance Manufacturers

Stainless steel is solid and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, so it can withstand typical exposures. In addition, it can endure extremely high temperatures because its melting point ranges from 2,550° F to 2,650° F. 304 is prized for its high tensile strength of approximately 621 MPa (90 ksi).

If you are looking for some rust resistance materials, Raunak kitchen is the best option for you. We can also ensure our products are made entirely with stainless steel and rust resistance. The manufacturing process is lengthy. But still, we are offering you good quality products at the lowest price.

Many Designs For Utensil Racks

We are among the top Utensil rack kitchen makers in Mumbai. To develop a unique and innovative design, we have a talented team behind it. Utensil racks are handy to have in your Kitchen. We provide you with an alternative Utensil Rack for your Commercial Kitchen.

Racks for utensils made of stainless steel are the primary attraction for Manufacturing. The Storage Racks are Specially created with the expertise to accommodate the diverse storage requirements of various industries.

We are the producers of plate drain racks with stainless steel materials. This will give you a disciplined kitchen and well-organized kitchen. The size of the equipment will always depend on how much space you have in your Kitchen. So it's better to Consult us. You have nothing to be more conscious about when we are here. We proudly say that we are the best manufacturer and supplier you can ever find in Mumbai, India.

All Kinds Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Under One Roof

Commercial kitchen appliances are designed for commercial kitchens in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and other businesses that offer culinary services. Because it must withstand the high demands and frequent use of a busy commercial kitchen, the equipment is typically heavier and more durable than your residential Kitchen.

Imagine you will get all commercial kitchen equipment under one roof.Raunak kitchen is a kitchen that offers everything you need, all under the same roof. We are among the top suppliers of kitchen products in Maharashtra. We launched Raunak kitchen because we realized you would like everything in one place.

Older Equipment For Commercial Kitchens

Organizations needs to function well in a commercial kitchen with outdated equipment. For obvious reasons, refurbished kitchen equipment can only be utilized over some time. Although the equipment has a more excellent appearance, it is nonetheless weak on the inside. This is why purchasing outdated cooking equipment for business usage isn't worthwhile.

At a fair price, Raunak Kitchen Equipment offers fully functional industrial kitchen appliances. Our kitchen appliances are solid and capable of handling heavy-duty culinary tasks. We are the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers of commercial kitchen appliances.

Best-In-Class Service Support

We have a fantastic crew as well as a manufacturing team. We provide every type of commercial gear and equipment in vast quantities to satisfy the needs of our customers. We also offer our specialized production processes, commitment to professional excellence, and equipment for small food businesses in food and cooking.

We produce high-quality commercial kitchen appliances. When starting new enterprises, small firms frequently run into financial issues. Raunak Kitchen equipment may assist small firms and provide its goods at competitive pricing. As far as aid and support are concerned, We have established a strong connection with our clients. We serve a wide range of international clients.

Quick Installation For Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen installation is a complicated process, so it must be carried out safely, comply with safety and health laws, and provide optimal functionality.

To ensure that your Kitchen complies with all necessary standards and is constructed for maximum efficiency, consulting with professionals in commercial kitchen installation, such as contractors, architects, and equipment suppliers, is crucial.

As part of our after-sales support, we provide services including repairing and redesigning our equipment. We are ready to help if one of our products is broken or needs support. When sending our items, we take safety measur

Make In India

The establishment of commercial kitchens setting up a commercial kitchen in India as part of an initiative called the Make in India initiative can assist in the promotion of local Manufacturing and increase the economy while offering high-quality products and services to consumers.

Picking a good place can have simple access for employees and suppliers, sufficient space for equipment and storage, and a location with high demand for your products or services.

It is essential to think about the safety and hygiene of your Commercial Kitchen. This means regular cleaning and sanitizing of every piece of equipment, ensuring safe food storage and handling methods, and educating staff about hygiene and food safety.

Why Choose Us?

Are you planning to construct your own Commercial Kitchen? or remodel your Kitchen? Whatever the method of making your Kitchen efficient, Raunak Kitchen equipment will offer you the equipment you need to run commercial cuisine.

The Raunak Kitchen equipment business has an expert team with high expertise. We are one of the leading commercial appliance manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Restaurants, hotels, and restaurants may require different appliances or kitchen utensils


Any establishment which produces and serves food on a large scale needs commercial kitchen equipment. It is made up of several unique tools and appliances made to satisfy the needs of commercial kitchens specifically. Everything in a commercial kitchen must be dependable, long-lasting, and user-friendly, from freezers and refrigerators to stoves, ovens, fryers, grills, and other exceptionally specialized equipment.

We are one of India's most famous manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. We control the manufacturing process using the best techniques. As a result, we are the best manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. To meet your needs, a variety of kitchen equipment has been created by our experts. We are also the Top Commercial kitchen suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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