Quality and Certificate

made of 16 swg. 304 quality 18/8 Grade stainless steel duly 120 grit matt polished with all resulting edges rounded with no bur or other excess material left. Top will be turned down 2" & 1/2" underneath in channel shape on all exposed sides,in case of sunk in tops wherever mentioned the sides shall be raised by 3/4" on all exposed sides, where table are placed against building walls, they will be turned up at back approximately 4" returned 3/4" at 45 degree to wall with all exposed ends closed,argon arc welded and smooth polish.

Undersides of all ss steel tops for Table counters,sink,Dish & Pot Table will be mounted on 25mm x 25mm x 3mm S.S.304 Angel Frame work with cross support at maximum of 30" span,duly secured by welding.The underside will be suitable sound deadened by treating with a cost of aluminium carboxide rubberised paint,finished with silver paint

Undershelves wherever called for will be constructed of 18 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade stainless steel sheeting uniformly matt polished with 120 grit & reinforced all shelves will be turned down 1 1/2 x 1/2" underneath on all sides with resulting corners cutour of leg.Shelves for Hot case will be perforated

Legs- Uprights:
All legs/Uprights will be constructed of 1 1/2"Dia 304 Quality SS tube Spaced not more than 6 feet on center. All Legs will be fitted with Ferro Nylon adjustable to approximately 1 1/2" bullet feet.

Cross Bracing:
Front to back forming a "H" frame where required will be constructed of 1'' Dia 16 swg SS tubes.All cross bracing will run horizontal & level between all legs approximately 6'' above floor level. All joint will be welded & all welds ground & polished to match adjacent work.

All Sinks will be constructed of 16 swg, 304 quality 18/8 Grade SS with radius corners, argon arc welded, smooth ground & Unindormly finished , duly fitted with 1 1/2" Dia. BSP Drain coupling, 1 1/2 BSP ball valve, or faucet as mentioned in individual input listing

SS Storage Rack:
Shelves will be made of 18 swg 304 quality SS sheeting. The rack will have number of shelf as specified in the description & reinforced with 1" x 4" x 1" inverted 16 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade SS channel.Upright of 1 1/2"Dia.SS Pipe fitted with Nylon bullet feet

Bain Marie Water Chamber & GN pans:
Made from 18 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade SS, argon arc welded fitted with 1" BSP lever operated drain valve for easy drain out & provided with cavity to house water immersion heater for efficient heating & duty insulated suitablt. The Gn pan used will be imported & each with flat lid

Blinder / Enclosures:
Made of 20 swg 304 quality 18/8 Grade SS sheeting uniformly polished & duly beeded from all sides

Over Head Shelf:
Wherever provided will be made of 18 swg 304 quality, 18/8 grade SS double beeded on all side duly reinforced & fixe on 1"Dia 16 swg 304 quality.

Wall Shelf:
Made of 18 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade SS sheeting with 1 1/2"double beeding on all 3 side & double beeded downwards at front duly secured with 16 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade SS wall bracket.the bracket are fixed by anchor fastner on wall

WallStorage cabinet :
Provided with of 18 swg 304 quality 18/8 grade SS steel hinged doors wherever mentioned Door shall be provided with Pad Lock Facility.The construction shall be reinforced beeded panels & shall be fixable with anchor fasteners on wall

Front/Control panel :
All Equipment will have the front panel made of 18 swg SS duly beeded & Die pressed 20 swg. 304 quality , 18/8 grade SS recessed control panel for safety operation wherever provided

S.S.Pot Rack:
Sides & Uprights of 1 1/2"Dia st. 304 quality , 18/8 grade Steel pipes while shelves made of 3/4"dia St.steel pipes fitted at 4" C to C distance

Gas Equipment:
All Gas Equipment will be duly connected with best quality copper pig tails, needle valves & burner will be off heavy duty Industrial type and to be operated at 0.3kg/ cm2 (4.5 PSIG) gas pressure.The main line will be of 1/2"Dia BSP 'c' class ERW M.S.pipe & pressure tested.

All Equipement will be sitably insulated with 1" thick high quality moneral glass wool/asbestos/cerwool. Oven bulk cookers will be insulated with 3" thick glass wool.

Refrigerated Equipment:
Top: 18/8 swg SS for Table Top Refrigerator , 304 18/8 grade
Interior of the units-: 22 swg SS 304 18 /8 grade
Exterior of the Units- : 22 swg SS 304 18 /8 grade
Doors -: PUF Insulated Double Walled. Self -closing , spring Loaded Doors.,22 swg.S.S.304 18/8 Grades
Insulation -: High Density PUF Insulation
Stailess Steel Racks-: 2 Rack behind each Door made of Stailess steel Rods.Sides & two cross support 6mm while shelf of 4mm Stailess Steel rods.
OverHead Shelf- : 304 Grade; 18 swg . Stailess Steel Double beeded on all
side duly reinforced & fixed on 25mm 16 swg SS Square pipes.
Legs -: 6" long 1 1/2" Dia SS pipes with nylon bullet feet
Condensing Unit-: Kirloskar copeland condensing unit along with hermitically
sealed compressor & Italian fan motor
Digital Temp Indicator-: Electronic Temperature Indicator

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